About us

We love socks. Love them. So much, in fact, that we wear them every day. Since they are a part of our everyday outfit, we place great emphasis on the socks being of high quality and comfortable. We also like colors and design. Do you like to wear something interesting as well? Something that people will notice you in and which will differentiate you? How about a pair of Rebeliot socks? They are colorful, different, comfortable and made with high quality materials and precise work. And they are also affordable. And if you order them for €36 or more, you will have free shipping & handling anywhere in Europe. Isn’t this great?

Our colorful socks are made in Slovakia, the country we are from. We like to support domestic production, which is of high quality and honest. We came a long road to create socks, with which we would be satisfied. We wanted for our colorful socks to be as comfortable and enjoyable to wear as possible. A lot of companies use in their sock high amount of synthetics, which can cause problems. We decided to go another route and thus in Rebeliot socks you can find as much as 90% high-quality combed cotton.