Getting Started

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what to say at the beginning. There’s a lot I have to say and the best will be to split it up into several blogs. Today I will start with how it all began.

Accidentally I ran into some colourful socks two years ago that I loved very much. I always wanted to start up my own business but this idea thrilled me to pieces so I decided to realize it. The initial idea was to offer the high quality single-coloured socks in different colours, designed for both men and women and produced in Slovakia. I had started to work on it but I was missing the necessary kick-off and creativity. So I postponed this thought and got back to it in January 2015. During the break I didn’t give it much thought and I believe it meant a good thing. Suddenly I found a great motivation inside me and a whole bunch of ideas. The idea of single-coloured socks changed and I started designing different models. The only idea that didn’t change was my goal to offer the comfortable high quality socks made in Slovakia, the country I come from.

Rebeliot socks


Today, after eight months of work, I’m finally launching Rebeliot socks. It’s been a long time and the date of launch has been moved several times. There are 18 available models in the shop and the next 4 ones with the dotted pattern will be available soon. I know that not everyone is going be excited about this idea, but I will be happy for every response.


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