Update after one month

One month since the launch of this e-shop I finally found the time to update blog. I’m still considering it a test version, since some of the technical stuff doesn’t work perfectly. Sometimes the payment gateway doesn’t work properly but I’m working on fixing the bugs. Apart from this there are a few things that are not in the state I would like them to be, but I’m trying to improve it all. All of these little things move the company further and solving them is giving me a chance to accept them as a challenge and make also me personally stronger.

At the moment I’m also thinking about the lookbook which I had wanted to have ready before the launch, but due to the delayed production of 4 models of socks I postponed it. I have a few ideas how to create it, but the style needs to get united. It’s also important to pick right people and the right photographer. By the way, those 4 models with dotted pattern, that were produced a little later, have a great response and I’m very happy to hear that my customers like them. Generally, the response from everyone one month since the launch has been more than positive.

Last week Rebeliot socks began to be sold by Varsity Project. Their first shop Gentry, that is situated on Sturova 10 in the rooms of Tulip House Boutique Hotel in Bratislava (Slovakia), is focused on classical British elegancy and modern youthful style. It is furnished in a very stylish way and you can have a look at all of our models. I’m very glad that people have a chance to personally see the Rebeliot socks for themselves and in the future I’d like to place our socks into more shops all over the Europe, such as this one.


I will try to find more time to write the blog and post more often, because there is a lot I have to say :)


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